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What is Pepeermint?

Pepeermint is the world's first peer-to-peer review platform where you can review peers based on your work experience with them. Based on the reviews, Pepeermint derives a profile score ranging 100-600 for respective individuals. This score is similar to the credit score - the more, the better, with 100 being least and 600 being the best.

How is it different?

Pepeermint is unique. It isn't a networking platform. It's sole purpose is to facilitate peer review in an unbiased manner.

Unlike other products or services, Pepeermint's patent pending process provides a quantifiable profile score that can be used to evaluate a profile. This profile score can help you find desired opportunities, or right associates.

How does it work?

Simple - you just search your peers, select, and review one peer at a time on Leadership, Team Player, Integrity, Skills, Attitude, and Endorsement.

To be able to submit a review for a peer, you are required to select/mention the organization and tenure where you worked together. Your workplace and tenure needs to match with the selected peer in order to proceed with the review. Based on reviews received, Pepeermint derives a profile score for that particular peer.

How do I avoid false reviews?

That's the beauty of Pepeermint. When a review is submitted, the recipient receives a notification of review received. The notification informs recipient of the submitter, but not his/her review rating. The recipient is then required to either 'Accept', or 'Archive' the review; the review cannot be rejected or discarded.

If the review is from a known peer, the recipient accepts it. If not, archive it. Accepted reviews contribute to the recipient's score, while individual archived reviews do not. However, to avoid selective rejection of reviews, the total number of archived reviews would affect the score. Hence it is in the best interest of the recipient to accept reviews from all true peers. Archived reviews are removed after a certain period, so the score isn't affected permanently.

What if I don't find my peers on Pepeermint?

No problem! If you don't find your peers on Pepeermint, you can go ahead and create their profile and review them. When your peers join, Pepeermint checks for matching profiles. Based on the matches found, your peers can either select their corresponding exisiting profile (created by you or others), or create a new one.

This is another great feature of Pepeermint where you can review your peers, regardless of whether they are on Pepeermint or not.

Can others see my reviews and score?

No! You only get to know whom you received a review from, not the actual rating.

Similarly with the profile score, only you get to know your score. The only way others would know your profile score is, if you share it with them.

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